SWCA Environmental Performance Group

Environmental Sustainability Consultants

SWCA Environmental Performance Group was founded to help organizations develop environmentally responsible business practices and reduce their footprints. SWCA Environmental Performance Group brings together a dedicated team of professionals that can help your organization reduce environmental impacts, improve performance, and add value.


Sustainability Programs

We are unique in the way we integrate environmental opportunities, business opportunities, company culture and leadership into a program that will yield long-term value.

Environmental Footprint Baseline Assessment

SWCA Environmental Performance Group takes a unique approach to evaluating your organization's impacts and opportunities. Our Environmental Footprint Baseline Assessment provides a quantitative analysis of your major environmental impacts.

Plan and Program Development

Any successful business leader knows the importance of a good plan. SWCA Environmental Performance Group works with your organization to facilitate plan development by integrating the results of the Baseline Assessment, your important business and market drivers, and your company values and culture.

Employee Education and Training

Maximum benefits are achieved through understanding, engagement, and action at all levels of the organization. Our Employee Education and Training Program is customized to meet your needs through a fun and interactive process designed to increase the environmental awareness of your employees both at work and at home.

Program Monitoring and Reporting

SWCA Environmental Performance Group has developed a simple yet very effective way to measure and report your progress. Our Environmental Sustainability Monitoring Scorecard (ESMS*) can be customized to your plan goals and reporting systems. Our scorecard system is designed to be user-friendly, flexible, and expandable to meet your future program needs.

Demonstrate your
commitment toward
eco-friendly business
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EarthRight Certification.

SWCA Environmental Performance Group Latest News

Zermatt EarthRight Certified

Jan. 5, 2009 - SWCA Environmental Performance Group helped Zermatt Resort achieve EarthRight Silver "Eco-Friendly Business" certification. Zermatt Resort is the first luxury resort in North America to achieve this certification. EarthRight Silver cer... Read More...

Sustainability Program Development

November 26, 2008 - SWCA Environmental Performance Group completed a baseline assessment and sustainability plan development program with REP Associates based in West Palm Beach, Florida. REP Associates is now poised to launch its full sustainability... Read More...

EPG Completes Rowland Hall-St. Mark's Footprint

November 12, 2008 - SWCA Environmental Performance Group completed a carbon footprint baseline assessment for Rowland Hall-St. Mark's school, including school energy consumption, bus services, staff commuting, student commuting, and school waste. Thi... Read More...