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We focus on helping you develop eco-strategies that make good business sense: reducing costs, increasing revenues, reducing risks and improving organizational health. We combine business management and environmental engineering expertise to help you develop and implement practical, integrated, value added environmental sustainability programs.

Reduce Costs

Everyone understands the benefits of reducing their ongoing operational costs. Eco-efficiency can help reduce your costs and build your bottom line. Costs are rising worldwide, as humans put more and more demand of the earth. The prices of oil and electricity are rising. Other raw material costs will continue to rise as our growing human population stresses nature's capacity. Is your organization ready to operate in a resource-constrained world economy?

Increase Revenues

More than ever, we are seeing a change in the marketplace. Customers, shareholders, employees and communities are demanding accountability and transparency. Organizations are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competition and stay in front of market trends. "Green" rankings and a recent surge in awareness of a variety of environmental issues including global climate change have fostered a shift in the client and consumer spending mindset. An organization's ability to adapt to these market changes and position itself as environmentally and socially responsible provides a real opportunity to increase sales and market share, drive up revenues, and build long-term value.

Reduce Risks

Environmental risks come in many forms. Falling behind environmental trends and changes may result in an increased regulatory compliance burden, loss of customers or market share, lagging the competition, suffering negative media coverage, experiencing supplier failures, losing employees, creating a poor public image, increasing cost of capital, and creating long-term hazardous product or waste liabilities.

Improve Organizational Health

Strategic environmental sustainability programs provide significant opportunities to increase leadership, communication and teamwork throughout organizations. By developing meaningful environmental goals and strategies, organizations open up new avenues to increased communication, training, coaching, mentoring, and creation of shared team identities. This creates improved organizational health, as evidenced by higher morale, lower employee turnover, higher productivity and increased levels of employee participation and commitment.

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