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Reducing Your Footprint Is Good Business.

The Environmental Performance Group has been committed to helping organizations develop environmentally responsible business practices that reduce impacts, improve financial performance, and add brand value. Now, Environmental Performance Group has joined SWCA Environmental Consultants, a firm that specializes in environmental planning, natural and cultural resource management, regulatory compliance and sustainability services. This partnership has created the SWCA Environmental Performance Group, a team of sustainability experts, environmental engineers, scientists, planners and regulatory specialists.

The SWCA Environmental Performance Group offers a suite of sustainability services for public and private clients throughout the U.S. These services include sustainability program development, greenhouse gas inventories, strategic management system development, training, and other related sustainability and climate change services — all with a focus on reducing risk and improving your organizational health.


Sustainability Programs

We are unique in the way we integrate environmental opportunities, business opportunities, company culture and leadership into a program that will yield long-term value.

Environmental Footprint Baseline Assessment

SWCA Environmental Performance Group takes a unique approach to evaluating your organization's impacts and opportunities. Our Environmental Footprint Baseline Assessment provides a quantitative analysis of your major environmental impacts.

Plan and Program Development

Any successful business leader knows the importance of a good plan. SWCA Environmental Performance Group works with your organization to facilitate plan development by integrating the results of the Baseline Assessment, your important business and market drivers, and your company values and culture.

Employee Education and Training

Maximum benefits are achieved through understanding, engagement, and action at all levels of the organization. Our Employee Education and Training Program is customized to meet your needs through a fun and interactive process designed to increase the environmental awareness of your employees both at work and at home.

Program Monitoring and Reporting

SWCA Environmental Performance Group has developed a simple yet very effective way to measure and report your progress. Our Environmental Sustainability Monitoring Scorecard (ESMS*) can be customized to your plan goals and reporting systems. Our scorecard system is designed to be user-friendly, flexible, and expandable to meet your future program needs.


SWCA Environmental Performance Group Latest News

Official Provider to the Sundance Film Festival

Oct. 27, 2009 - SWCA Environmental Performance Group has been named the official provider of sustainability consulting services to the Sundance Film Festival, the premier U.S. showcase for American and international independant film.  SWCA will wo... Read More...

Clients Receive Green Business Awards

Oct. 19, 2009 - Three SWCA EPG clients were recently recognized among Utah's greenest businesses in the Utah Business Magazine Utah Green Business Awards. "We are excited to see our clients being recognized for the leadership they have shown in impl... Read More...

EPG Helps Wal-Mart Suppliers Achieve Top Performance

Sept. 24, 2009 Walmart recently unveiled the 15 questions behind its Supplier Sustainability Assessment. Walmart is requiring its suppliers to fill out this assessment and will use the results to score supplier performance and influence Walmart buyer... Read More...